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AEasley Virtual Solutions

Helping online educators build and grow their audience by handling their back-end management so they can focus on what they love!

You can't do it all entrepreneur...

Well, you can but do you want to?

I know you're passionate about your business and it may be hard to think about letting go of some of the tasks you need to be completed. But what are you sacrificing by not seeking help?

  •  Time with current clients

  • Time to nurture prospective clients

  • Family Time

  • Self Care Time

  • Time to Travel

AEasley Virtual Solutions is a virtual assistant service for Online Educators - Podcasters, Bloggers, YouTubers, Coaches, etc.

I'm here to help you Market your Podcast, Manage your Blog Posts and Manage your Pinterest Account.

  • Blog Post Scheduling & Formatting

  • Creating Landing Pages

  • Creating Graphics for all your needs

  • Video Transcription

I know it's hard to let go of parts of your business but when you find the right fit, it'll be so easy (and maybe one of the best decisions you've made)!  Are we a great fit?

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Hello Friend!

My name is Angela, Virtual Assistant to Online Educators. I help busy entrepreneurs (like yourself) grow their business by assisting with backend tasks and projects that are time-consuming and overwhelming.

If you're a Podcaster, Blogger, YouTuber, or Coach,

I got you! Let me help with the tasks you need to get done to grow your business but don't have time to do because you're handling business.

I'm passionate about working with entrepreneurs because oftentimes, you're working as a one-person operation and can use the help. My mission is to help you implement your vision!!

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LaShonda Brown 
Bootstrap Biz Advice
Speaker, YouTuber, & Tech Educator

Angela has been an incredible addition to my team! She is a dream to work with and I highly recommend her services for solopreneurs and influencers.

Perry Mundy
Locomotion Orthotics

Angela is Amazing! She was wonderful to work with. I cannot thank her enough for all the work that she has done and would highly recommend her services!!

Jenia Serebrin
Serebrin Group LLC

As an entrepreneur, I am handling a lot daily. Having my amazing VA has literally saved my life and my family time! Angela not only makes sure that all my posts get aired on a set schedule, but if I accidentally miss something she always brings it to my attention. I don’t know what I would do without her timely support & professional care!

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